7 Easy Ways to Avoid the Thanksgiving Meal Coma

7 Easy Ways to Avoid the Thanksgiving Meal Coma

Every year it's the same. A wonderful meal followed by the burning need to just sleep it off.

Then there are the dishes to do...

Not for me. Not this year. 

What's different?

This year's turkey dinner was gluten-free.

Contrary to popular belief, the coma isn't because of the turkey and it isn't just that you ate a ton of calories (though that will slow you down a little).

The reason you are tired is that you just downed a gluten bomb of stuffing, rolls, cakes, and pies.

Don't believe me?

Try going low gluten today and see how it goes. Here are my 7 suggestions for avoiding the Thanksgiving coma:

  1. No stuffing (a.k.a. dressing)
  2. No rolls, bread, etc.
  3. No pasta (it may not be traditional, but I'm saying it just in case)
  4. No cakes
  5. Eat the pie filling, not the crust
  6. Eat all the other good stuff you like so long as it isn't mostly:
    • Wheat
    • Barley
    • Rye
  7. Pretend you're too tired to do the dishes and leave them for the morning :) (Nobody but you will know that you still have some energy left.)

You'll still get a bit of gluten, in the gravy, for example, but that shouldn't be enough to cause a huge crash.

Try it and see if you don't survive the day with more energy and even more to be thankful for.

Next year, you can try making your own bread and bread crumbs using Kenneth Benjamin's Perfect Gluten-Free White Bread Recipe, use the same flour mix for your gravy, and not miss some of the best parts of the meal.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

P.S. I wrote this post after my Thanksgiving dinner. I wouldn't have believed that was possible before I went gluten-free.

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