Get What You Want - The Law of Attraction, Intention Manifestation, and "The Secret" Explained

Get What You Want - The Law of Attraction, Intention Manifestation, and "The Secret" Explained

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, an idea popularized in the video "The Secret?" The basic idea is that if you set your intentions clearly the universe will manifest your intentions.

It is as if there was some magical cosmic force that just wants you to have what you want, if only you can wish hard enough for it. Sort of like wishing for a certain present from Santa Claus on Christmas.

The funny thing is, it works. Why is that? What power is operating here? Could we harness it for the benefit of mankind? Could you manifest wishes for others? I'm thinking careers as professional attractors or wish-grantors. In short, there is a lot of potential here if we can understand what is going on.

Unfortunately, life isn't quite that simple. While the law of attraction does seem to work, it only seems to work on a personal level and not well for everyone. Let's take a look at why and how intentions manifest.

Praying For An Answer

While "The Secret", Intention Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction are all the rage these days, people had ideas like this before. Prayer. Set your intention (your prayer) and deliver it to the universe (pray to God). For thousands of years people in nearly all societies and religions have been working on their intention manifestations through prayer.

Prayer, the Law of Attraction, "The Secret", and Intention Manifestation are all the same thing: setting intention and appeals to a higher power.

Limitations of Prayer

If I pray for you or you pray for me, does it work? Do I receive the benefit of your good wishes? Is your life better for my prayers for you? Maybe. In a sense, we know each other. I may not know you personally nor you, me, but we have a bond through this website. I know something of who you are by the very fact that you are reading this now. You know me even more through the writings on this site. So does praying for another work? Let's look at a better test than you and me. Let's pray for someone in the hospital who we don't know personally but we do know their name. Will that work? Will our prayers be answered, our intentions manifested, or good health attracted to that person?

No. It's been tested and not only does it not seem to help, those who know they are being prayed for actually faired worse than those who did not know. Prayer, at least for strangers, doesn't help.

If people everywhere pray then it must work, right? Actually, no. We do lots of things that don't work or aren't in accord with the true nature of the universe. We act as we do because we are humans and act like humans. That being said, I think that prayer, intention manifestation, "The Secret", and the Law of Attraction do work - if you understand how.

Higher Powers

Science has explained a lot about the nature of the universe. We understand a great deal about its composition and operation. So far, no universal mind-listening, wish-giving energy field has been discovered. This is not a helpful fact for getting our intentions to manifest.

Prayer requires a higher power but the evidence suggests that if there is a higher power, it is not getting involved in the day to day prayers of people. Maybe there isn't a higher power, or it maybe that, simply, the higher power is you.

The Kingdom of God does not come when people are spying on it, nor will they say, ‘Behold, it is here,’ or ‘there;’ for the Kingdom of God is inside you. - Luke 17:20-21*

The Power of You

You are your own higher power. Does this seem arrogant? I don't think so. Only you truly know your dreams and only you have the power to answer them. You have free will. Exercising it is your right and your responsibility to yourself. If you're still bothered by the idea, feeling you're stepping on God's domain, realize that God is busy with a vast universe to manage. Do him a favor and take on some of the load for yourself. He'll appreciate it, I'm sure. Besides, that's what he gave you that great big brain for.

With you as the higher power, now you are in a position to pray to someone who is listening. Listening intently. When you pray to yourself you generate a feedback loop intensifying the intention.

Getting the Universe to Help

Well, maybe not the whole universe. Let's narrow it down to our little planet and the people living here. This is where your intentions will manifest. Here, on Earth, are the tools you need to make it happen.

People are the true secret to getting your prayers answered. Once you are clear about what you want to do you are going to need help. Ideas, mentors, support, participants, collaborators, and, of course, beneficiaries.

I couldn't write this website without you and others like you. I would never have started it if I hadn't gotten support from potential readers who found my ideas intriguing. My ideas wouldn't have formed without the innumerable wise people who went before me and surround us all today. would not be possible without the indirect support of millions of people who made and make the internet possible everyday. I am one of them, but only one. I need everyone else.

When you realize that your prayers are answered by others as much, or more, than by yourself, you gain a huge amount of power. You don't need to invent everything needed to make your wishes come true. Mostly, you just need to invent you and your dreams.

What Do You Want To Manifest?

If you are going to manifest something, something more than a cheese sandwich, you need to be sure you are manifesting something of value to your life. Want to manifest a million dollars? Okay, but is this what you really want? Is money the goal or a means to another end? Be sure what you are intending. You will be spending a lot of energy and time on whatever you are attracting to your life so it had better be what you want.

My suggestion is that you manifest blissful intentions. Those thing which will bring you a fulfilled life. If you're not sure what your bliss is, read some of the articles I've written on the topic. Once you have your intentions figured out you can go out and attract what you need to reach those goals.

How Intentions Manifest

You make tiny decisions all the time. What do I want to do now? Which book should I read? Movie or museum? This friend or that? With your intentions clear in your mind your choices change. What do you do now? Work on your intended project. Which book? Maybe it is something related to your intention instead of that escapist formula novel. Which friend? The new one who is interested in my intentions.

When you get clear about your intentions, you get answers. Each of those tiny decisions moves you, however small a distance, towards your goal. The book you read that teaches you something new about your intention. The time you spend listening to new ideas. Hours spent in contemplation. All these are the seeds of success. With each choice you 'attract' your needs.

Use Tools and Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Most intentions require resources. Tools. I'll go back to this website as an example. My intentions are to manifest a website that helps people live a better life and, in so doing, make a good life for myself. This would not be possible without all the infrastructure to support it. Everything from electricity, to cable manufacturers, to PC and software development, to the internet and the worldwide web. I run this site using WordPress software and a theme from I could have written the application myself but why should I? WordPress is good and the theme is beautiful (and better than I could do myself). I can focus on my intention by utilizing the tools the 'universe' has provided. Besides, using tools is regarded as a sign of intelligence.

It Is Who You Know

When you have a conversation in the grocery checkout line, is it about the weather and how they should open more lanes at this time of day, or did you mention your intentions? Did you announce to the world your intentions by sharing your intentions with someone else?

It is through sharing that your intentions will most strongly manifest themselves. You will attract people who support you, help you, and enlighten you. We all think that we are so unique that nobody we meet will have answers that can help us. Who could they know? What could they be doing that interests us? We answer 'nothing' and, by doing so, lose out. The truth is we just don't know who and what they know. You might be very surprised.

Six Degrees of Separation

You are probably familiar with the idea that everyone is separated from everyone else by six other people. That's worldwide. In a population the size of the United States, it's estimated at closer to 3 degrees of separation.

If everyone is that closely connected, then what are the odds someone you meet in the grocery store will know someone who could help you realize your intentions? I'd say the odds are pretty good.

Get Social

If you've read some of the proponents of the Law of Attraction or "The Secret" or Intention Manifestation, you'll notice they tend to have one trait in common. They are extroverts. By communicating with others they attract the resources they need to succeed. You can do this, too. Not an extrovert? No problem. You can learn and it's a whole lot easier when you're talking to others about something which you are excited.

Start with your friends and family. Talk about what you want to do. Ask for their ideas and explore who and what they know that relates. Talk about it with strangers you meet. Don't be shy, just be yourself and show your enthusiasm for your intentions. Listen to what they say and get contact information if there is a connection that might help you now or in the future.

The more you practice your extroversion, the easier it gets. We're all social animals so don't be afraid. Get out there and be social.

Coping with Impatience

I'd love it if my intentions manifested themselves without effort and instantaneously. Life doesn't work like that. When I imagine my intentions having manifested I see several years down the road. The further you are from your intended goal, the longer it will probably take to get there. You might get a break by making just the right contact at the right time but don't plan on that. Work towards your goal with clarity and assistance from the universe i.e. tools and other people.

Don't be patient. Be active. Complacency will never manifest anything. Remember, you are your own higher power. If you don't act then you don't manifest.

Clarity is King

Get clear about your intentions. Fuzzy, vague, ill-defined intentions are hard to manifest. If you can't explain what your intentions are, even to yourself, how can you get them? Get focused. Explain your vision to others. It helps to put into words what is in your mind.

Visualize what life will be like with your intentions manifested. Seeing an image of what your life will be like is the single best way to motivate your higher power.

With this vision in mind, start to see steps that might be taken to achieve your goal. Visualize these steps and what life looks like along the way. If you can't see how you can get there from here, realize that you will find a way but you have to take it step by step. Think about your next step, then visualize it. Manifest your intentions bit by bit to achieve success.

Attract Truth and Wisdom

Flexibility is sometimes needed to reach your goal. If your intention is far away the path to reach it may be confused or different than you at first had expected. Don't get locked into a hard, fixed route. Go with the flow. People you meet may suggest other paths or offer opportunities that you didn't expect. Use your judgment to decide how best to use these opportunities to your advantage.

Be wrong. It's okay to make mistakes. Sure, nobody likes to make mistakes but we all make them all the time. Learn from those mistakes and move forward. Refocus your intentions with whatever you have learned from your mistakes. See the path with new knowledge and focus your intentions once again, this time with a renewed clarity.

Git 'er Done

Let's wrap this up with a quick review:

  • You are your own higher power
  • Set clear, blissful intentions
  • Visualize your intentions
  • Go step by step and visualize these steps
  • Use tools to help you
  • Socialize and share your vision
  • Be active, not passive
  • Follow up on helpful leads
  • Attract truth and wisdom

You can use the Law of Attraction, prayer, "The Secret", or Intention Manifestation to achieve life goals if you know that the process happens inside you. If you sit by and wait for the universe to provide you may be waiting a long time. Life is short. Get out there.

Since you and I are now connected by only 1 degree of separation, how about helping me manifest my intentions by sharing this article with your friends?

Then put your intention out to the universe by sharing it right here in the comments below.

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What intentions would you like to manifest?

Daniel Bonar
Daniel Bonar

Well here are my intentions! I will like to have a Guilmon with digivice and all of the cards, and my older brother will have a Tierriermon with digivice and all of the cards, and Shelby Harris will have a Renamon with digivice and cards, and Morgan Harris will have an Agumon with digivice and all of the cards, and while our digimon are in our bedrooms they will wake us up, and we are able to bring them to school and one day Dats will force us to join them and when we do we will be sent to Japan for training and we will have our uniforms, very own dorms, get paid $100 per week, and for lunch/dinner the four of us will have a whole buffet of foods from all over the world, and we will fight 1-5 evil/wild digimon per day, I also want that the four of us will be able to do air, water, earth, fire, blood, lightning, and metal bending, the first sign is that our hand would be on ire without any pain, and I will also like to have all of the beyblades in the world to be able to do there special powers but my LDrago beyblade will be the only bey that can do multiple dark move techniques and it will be able to steal energy from its victim/opponent and there will be bet parks and stadiums all over the world and while there is no digimon signal we cand do our natural things! And I will really like these wishes to come true before January 6, 2014!  :)

Daniel Bonar
Daniel Bonar

Does this means that you can grant us our wishes!

Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox

Love your sight Kenneth. Great Work. I recently joined an Intenders Cyber Circle, started by Tony Burroughs, and have had wonderful results from saying my gratitudes and intentions in front of other people every week. My awareness about myself has increased, i am happier and more satisfied with my life and where it is going, I am a better and more patient person with my family, and I have had a healing in my body that stills blows my mind.

Keep up the good work. Lisa


Hi, I've just found your blog. I've read a couple of articles, they're great.

I have always been shy about my intentions, on every aspect, I'm kind of afraid of people judging me. I think i should be more open and just say the things a want, so I could get more confident and help to manifest the things I want. Here could be a good start: I want to become a professional musician.

Loved your site, I will totally recommend it to my brother :)

Kenneth Benjamin
Kenneth Benjamin moderator

@AlejandroDazaVasquez Thanks!

Don't be shy about your intentions. Be bold. Say what you want and tell others that you want it. You'll be pleasantly surprised by who you meet that can help.

If you don't say what you want, how can anyone know you want it? They can't, and they won't.

I think you might like this quote, one of my favorites:

“When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else.” – Joseph Campbell

Just remember, "follow" is a verb. You must take action to get a reaction.

By the way, if you like what I'm writing here, please take a look at my current project: <a href="http:/"></a>

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