Start Here Logo Rapid advances in neuroscience, genetics, physics, and evolution are leading the way to discovering how and why we think, act, and feel as we do.

Answers to the eternal questions are being revealed. Answers you can use to understand who you are, deeply and fully. Knowledge that you can use to live well with greater purpose, clarity, and awareness.

Due to the exponential growth in human knowledge, doors to wisdom are opening that simply weren't open before. The 'black box' that used to define our minds, our brains, is no longer black. Science is peeling back the curtain on mysteries that have baffled humans for eternity.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! - The Wizard of Oz

New knowledge doesn't mean throwing out all the old knowledge but rather using the old knowledge as a foundation. We can build upon the foundations where they are strong and replace them with new ones where needed. Millenia of thought, much of it created by great minds working with limited information, is being updated and improved with new information at a rate unparalled in history. All this new information holds keys to living well.

I believe, and I think you'll agree, that the path to living a fulfilled life is through knowledge. It is by understanding ourselves and others that we become most wise and can act in the best interests of ourselves and others. What is exciting, and the reason this website exists, is that our human knowledge has increased exponentially over the last decades to the point where many ancient mysteries are no longer mysterious. We can know, not everything, but exponentially more than the wisest gurus of old.

Since only you can know yourself fully, a task no other could possibly hope to achieve, it is through your personal wisdom that you can become the best you possible. You can find the path to fulfillment, to happiness, to satisfaction that extends to your loved ones and everyone you touch in your life.

Challenges Ahead

A word of warning. Learning to live well isn't easy. Wisdom is always a work-in-progress, the work of a lifetime but that lifetime will pass whether or not you choose to spend it achieving your potential.

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Okay, with that out of the way I want to tell you a little about how I approach wisdom and truth.

Much of the information presented here is at the cutting edge of human knowledge. What that means is that some of it will turn out not to be completely accurate. As with all knowledge, it is incomplete. Better, more refined, theories will arise and, sometimes, replace those presented here.

I've tried to take the best current knowledge from a wide range of disciplines and synthesized it into what I hope you will find is a useful and unified whole. From time to time, I may change my mind about what is right and best (this is a No Dogma zone). You should feel free to do the same. I suggest you question everything on this site (as elsewhere) to try to find the best path. When you do find a better path, better answers, please share it with all of us here by posting useful comments on the site. We will all benefit from your wisdom, too.

Welcome to WisdomWebsite.